„Guaranteed to brighten up your sonic sinuses. Beautifully sonic and expressive!” Matt Howden – Sieben (2017)

Bio: Vajk Kobza is an ambassador of early fusion music and contemporary oriental music in Hungary. His musical instruments are: oud /Arabic lute/ (عود), bağlama, psaltery, kithara and cobza. Although Vajk got in contact with music already as a child, he was 16 when he took an oud in his hands for the first time. He decided to learn to play the oud while listening to Anouar Brahem.
He got acquainted with playing music primarily through the language of folk and early music. He attended the Summer Early Music Academy of Szentendre and the Győr Lute and Guitar Festival for years, later performing here as well. By now his own music has developed but he can no longer be tightly associated with any of the genres. Improvisation is especially important for him. European music aesthetics, oriental technique, contemporary composition techniques and the early music world of sound all determine his work. He regards music and art in their universality.
Stepping on the path of music, he has participated in different folk, early music and world music formations from the start. He performed with violin artist Csaba Ökrös (1960-2019), multi-instrumentalis Sándor Szabó, and was a guest player several times with Úzgin Űver as well. He won a Trafó special award in 2008 with his old band Kobza Vajk Group (2008-2013) with which he opened a new path to oriental and contemporary folk music in Hungary.
He has performed with his oud in front of audiences in Ankara, Istanbul, Berlin, Munich, Cracow, Vienna and Salon de Provence. Between 2006 and 2007 he travelled through Turkey for months. Since 2008 he has been joining Thomas Gundermann (master of Moroccan bagpipes from Munich) for a few concerts almost each year. Their album entitled The Awakening of Nautilus was published in 2012. He often has concerts with singer-musician Laura Weixelbaum and Kobza Vajk Trio, -Kvartett, -Quintet. One of the most important spiritual markers of his work and concerts is getting to know the Infinite within us. He invites and takes his audience to this meditative journey.
In 2019 his first vinyl album was published at the noted Budabeats Records, with a very favorable feedback.


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